The Tale of the Watchers Part 4: The Counsel of Aaron



This is the account of the counsel of Aaron, Son of Adam, by Ezeqiel the Watcher amidst the Battle of Grigori in the last days of the Sixth Earth.


As battle was waged between the Fallen and Unfallen Watchers, Armaros, the fallen spellmaster, bound the fate of all Girgori as it was in the Third Earth before the Fall. Seeing this, Gabriel the Messenger, Archangel of Vilon, descended to the Earth to dispense justice among the Watchers. As he did, Suriel, the leader of the Fallen, cast the Son of Man named Aaron, whose fate was entwined with that of the Watchers, as Raquiel the Wise foresaw, out of his concealment in the Earth and presented him before Gabriel. Suriel decreed, as heavenly law dictates, that Gabriel was unable to harm the Son of Man, but Aaron, as he possessed a spark of divine light from his guardian Ezeqiel, could vanquish any Son of God among them if he so chose.

Aaron the Son of Man was tormented by this decision. He had listened intently to his guardian’s accounts of the Malakhim, and was moved enough by them to join in the Watcher’s quest, but this was the first time he was called upon to partake in the struggle. Ezeqiel saw this and condemned Suriel for imposing such a burden on a mortal child. Suriel declared that the imposition was not his own, but Ezeqiel’s alone, for it was the child’s guardian who cast his heavenly influence into the boy, and thereby gave him the power he now possessed. The Son of Man was still vexed by this. “I feel no power within me,” he lamented. “How am I to challenge an Angel in battle? I have no place among Angels, and no say in the matters of Heaven. Ezequiel, my guardian, tell me what to do!”

It was then that Ezequiel the Watcher employed his power to stop the moon and stars in the sky, and to stop time for all save he and his ward, the Son of Man. Aaron stood in awe at what his guardian had accomplished, but Ezequiel spoke to him, saying, “I cannot hold the moon in its place for long, so listen to my counsel now. It is true that by rescuing you from the demon of the void, I left in you a spark of divine light, and it is up to your will what to do with it.”

“But I do not feel the light within me, and I do not know how to use it. I want to help and to do what Suriel asks of me.”

“Do it not for Suriel, nor for the other Watchers, nor even for me. It is your will and yours alone that can control the light within you.”

“Raquiel said that my fate was entwined with that of you and your brothers. Should I not act according to this fate? Am I not now responsible for seeing that this fate is carried out?”

“Fate and will, though they seem separate, are one and the same. They are inextricably entangled in one another. You act according to your will, and yet you are bound by your fate. Your will determines your fate as much as your fate determines your will. Your decision this night will determine not only the fate of our company, but the fate all beings on Earth and in Heaven. But you alone may decide what that fate will be.”

“It is too heavy a burden. What if I choose the wrong path? I will forever after be plagued with regret.”

“There is no right or wrong course. There is only one fate. The sixth earth will soon be done. The seventh earth is upon us. Gabriel will meet his fate, whether by your hand or another’s.”

The Son of Man listened well to the counsel of his guardian, and when the moon continued its course across the sky, when all the Malakhim in the vast plain were in motion again, Aaron the Son of Man approached Gabriel the Archangel of Vilon and spake, “Gabriel the Messenger, Archangel of Vilon, Commander of the Watchers and Traitor to the Grigori, for your sins against your fellow Malakhim, for your part in the segregation of Heaven, and toward a future of freedom and light in the New Earth, I hereby condemn you to die.”


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