The Tale of the Watchers Part 3: The Battle of the Grigori

This is the account of the Battle of the Grigori in the last days of the Sixth Earth before the Rise, the first of many battles in the Final Heavenly War.


After the betrayal of the Fallen Watchers by their brethren in Heaven, the Archangel Gabriel ordered a faction of Grigori to intercept them and ensure the end of their quest.  The Fallen Watchers suspected that they had been found out, and so they made camp in the middle of the great plain across witch they were forced to travel, and prepared for battle. When night fell, they hid themselves in the earth, at a distance from their camp, so as not to be detected when their enemies and brethren descended to them. There they hid as the stars began to fall around them, and Sons of God made their way from Vilon, the first heaven, to the earth.  The Heavenly Host outnumbered the Fallen more than two to one, but the Fallen were not fearful.  As their brethren entered their camp, weapons at the ready, Suriel, the leader of the Fallen, cast his voice into the sky and spoke.

“Grigori!” said the fallen one, “do not take up arms against your brothers!”  As the Unfallen listened, they searched in vain for the hidden Watchers.  “We are kin, molded of the same cloth. Let us join our numbers and make a stand in these endtimes for the name of the Grigori!”

“You bring shame to the name Grigori,” spake Shamsiel, the former guardian of Eden, leader of the Heavenly Watchers.  “That name is no longer yours.  Now show yourself and receive the justice of the Lord.”

“We will not release ourselves, but bind you instead,” spake Suriel.  “And you will be bound with us, just as we were on Mount Hermon in the Third Earth, before your betrayal.”  It was then that Armaros of the Fallen began to speak his enchantments upon the whole of them.  The master of spells called upon the spirits and commanded that the fate of all the Grigori be bound together once more.  But before he could finish his incantations, Shamsiel followed his voice and cast him up and out of the earth.  Seeing the Fallen Watcher cast into the night sky, the Unfallen began their charge against him.  To their brother’s defense, the remainder of the Fallen sacrificed their concealment and rose from the Earth.  But Ezequiel commanded Aaron, the Son of Adam among them, to stay hidden until the battle was done.

Thus began the Final Battle of the Grigori, the battle that would set into motion the end of the Sixth Earth, and the End of Days.  The two lines clashed and brother fought against brother in a flurry of Malakhim steel and magic.  Suriel ordered the Fallen to retrieve Armaros, so that he may complete his binding enchantment.  The Watchers fought the Unfallen off of the Spell Master, and secured him behind the line of battle. As the Malakhim steel rang out, Armaros recovered and began his incantation again.  Just as the Unfallen began to gain ground against their brethren, the Grigori found their weapons to be useless, for Armaros had succeeded in binding the fate of the ancient line once again.

“There, it is done,” spake Suriel.  “No Grigori shall be harmed this night.  So call your commander, the traitor Gabriel, to finally answer for his sins.”

But the Heavenly Watchers needed not call their commander, for Gabriel had kept a watchful eye on the happenings, and in his glory descended to the earth to challenge the Fallen.  “What foolishness is this?” asked the Lord of Vilon, when he saw that the enemy Grigori stood side by side but none lifting a sword. “How shall we proceed now, damned one?” he asked to Suriel.  “Shall I bind you all to forever stare in anger at one other but not shed blood?”

“You watch but you do not see, traitor,” spake Suriel.  “As you have but one among you who is not Grigori, so do we.”  It was then that the boy, Aaron, the Son of Adam, was unbound from the earth, and the Archangel Gabriel did look upon him in anger.

“What business have you with this Son of Man, Fallen One?  Do you mean to lead him astray unto your path of wickedness?  You have no right to influence the fate of this creature of God.”

“The boy chose his own path,” spake Raquiel, the wise one.  “As for his fate, that remains to be seen.”

“This child has been blessed this day with divine light,” spake Suriel.  “By Heavenly Law, you are not to harm him, but if that spark still resides in him, he hath the power to destroy you.”

The boy was stricken with bewilderment at the Malakim’s words.  He cowered before the Archangel, even as he had been told he was not to be harmed.  He looked to his guardian Ezequiel for guidance.  Ezequiel condemned the words of his leader Suriel, saying, “You cannot ask this task of this boy.  He has no business in the affairs of the Sons of God.”

“I have given him no mandate,” spake Suriel.  “The choice is his, as is the power.  He may do with it what he pleases.”

“This burden is too much for him to bear.  You cannot impose this yoke upon him.”

“You would be wise to heed the words of your brethren, demon,” spake Gabriel.  “Do not make this child’s innocence a casualty of this battle.”

“The only casualty of this battle will be you, traitor,” Suriel charged.  “Whatever this boy chooseth, this night will be the last of Gabriel Archangel of Vilon.”


Part 4


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  1. This is part of a fantasy novel, right? Any ideas when you might be publishing?

    May 22, 2013 at 1:20 pm

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